Thank you for visiting our web site. On it you will find pictures and descriptions of all our hand-crafted candies. When you have an idea of what you may want to order, just give either of us a call at 1-800-TASTE-EM... we would love to talk to you. We ship anywhere in the US (and most of the world) from November through April.

Our candies have become especially popular as gifts for organizations and individuals. In addition to the offerings highlighted here on our web site, we can work with you to create the perfect customized gift.

Minonk Chocolate Company has a rich tradition which dates over 100 years in Minonk, Illinois and even further back in Europe from where our founders came. Please click on the “History” link to find out about our artisan heritage for producing fine candies. We have also included some pictures showing how we use the same techniques and recipes today. Just click on “See Us In Action” to view how we handcraft the best candies available.

We continue to make our chocolate and other confections from only the best and freshest, natural ingredients. As a result, we recommend that you enjoy our chocolate while it is at the peak of freshness, within five weeks of when we produce it. Also, because we don’t use additives and preservatives, our fresh chocolate melts easily and it’s not practical to ship during the summer.


Over 100 years ago, a greek family settled in Minonk, Illinois, bringing with them a rich tradition of candy making.  As time passed, they became well known for making the area's best chocolate candy and caramel apples.  Their reputation has grown miles beyond this small Woodford County community.

Today, with those time-tested recipes from 1915, Minonk Chocolate Company's owners, Christie Ruestman, Cindy Meyer and Zach Meyer continue to make candy the traditional, old fashioned way - using copper kettles, marble tables and only the freshest ingredients (no preservatives added).  We promise to provide our customers with the highest quality chocolate candy and caramel apples.


1915 - 1976

Name: Princess Sweet Shop
Ownership: Paloumpis Family

1976 - 1993

Name: Cunningham's Candies
Ownership: Duane & Ivanelle Cunningham

Cunningham's Candies-Ketchmark Sisters-Christie & Cindy 1993-2021

Minonk Chocolate Company-Name change 2015-present

Minonk Chocolate Company-Zach Meyer 2021

1993 - 2021

Name: Minonk Chocolate Company (starting 2015)
Ownership: Sisters Christie & Cindy Ketchmark

Minonk Chocolate Company-Zach Meyer 2021

2021 - Today

Name: Minonk Chocolate Company
Ownership: Zach Meyer (son of Cindy Ketchmark